Your child can get a message from Santa too!

Create a video for your child right now

How?- All you need to do is take a few seconds to create this interesting video. In an day or two, it will be delivered to your inbox. Enjoy the holiday magic!

Your child is the main character in the video

Experience the unforgettable moment when you show your child/children the video in which he/she/they is/are the main character(s) in the video!

Seeing him/her/them surprised, amazed and overjoyed is a priceless memory.

Movie tape

How do children react to Santa's video message?

How to create a video message?

Pretty simple! :)

it takes just three easy steps!

Fill out the form with the main settings:

Personalize the video with information and a photo of your child:

Payment of the service ($9,90) can be completed by.

And that is all!

And that is all! After payment you must wait several hours for the video to be edited and delivered to your inbox.

Create a video for your child right now

Watch the explanation in video form:

What is Santa's video message

Simple, right?

It takes less than five minutes to order this special holiday surprise for your child/children.

And just a few hours are needed for the email with the link to your video message to arrive in your inbox.

Let's get to work:

Create a video for your child right now